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At 25 I learned how to take my pain, turn it into power & start making profits. I was able to build a brand, author & self-publish several books & courses and now on a mission to help others get their life back on track after pain heartache & setbacks. 



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Learn how to Move on After Dealing With Mr. Wrong

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  • how to finally let go once and for all & get your life back on track after heartbreak 
  • how to heal from the pain & find peace of mind & upgrade your life


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  • how to turn your pain into power & start making profits
  • how to be your own boss & become financially independent. 

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    • The 10-steps I used to earn 10k in 10 days from self-publishing my 1st book.
    • Your pain has a purpose and once you learn how to translate that into a message you will be able to tell your story, make an impact and become a profitable author.

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    Website Design


    Graphic Design


    Send me an email so we can work together and get the job done at: or call/text me at 305.423.9006

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    Who is Nancy B.? 

    Nancy B. is an influencer and a woman of action who teaches women how to pull it together after setbacks, heartbreaks, and downfalls. 

    At 25 she turned her pain into power, and self-published books,  online courses & programs, built a profitable online brand and helped thousands of women worldwide to better themselves after a bitter situation.

    Her signature program, Boss Chick Academy, is the only premier membership that teaches women how to turn their pain into power and start making profits while focusing on healing, entrepreneurial development and income-generating strategies for financial independence. She also uses her artistic & creative abilities to offer website & graphic design services to those in need of branding & marketing solutions.

    Graduating from Florida State University with her bachelor's degree in Family & Child Sciences & a Minor in Business, she strives to, not only work with people but also to make a difference in peoples lives.

    She’s a great example that you can pick up the pieces after a setback and achieve your dreams. All you need is to keep your faith in God, heal your heart, create a new vision for your life and execute the goals you set for yourself. Just as long as you are committed, anything is possible.

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