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If You Don’t Stand For Something, You will Fall For Anything

I had a message on my heart to share with you. It's a very controversial subject, but I wouldn't be standing in my truth if I didn't share. So please bear with my transparency in this email. 

I am a big believer in "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."

This statement has such a profound meaning both literally and figuratively. 

When I wrote my book, "Fhim! Don't Be Bitter, Get Better & Make Money" I shared my journey of spiritual healing and empowerment and the steps I took to get through the most terrible heartbreak of my life. In which my first steps was seeking God will for my life concerning the man I was dealing with and surrendering my pain to God. I even suggested some scriptures from the Holy Bible in my book and shared some of my spiritual practices like, praying, meditating & journaling. But my biggest mistake was I didn't refer to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in an attempt to be "politically correct" and "open-minded" to other peoples religions and gods.

However, recently God has humbled my heart to learn that you have to stand up firmly for what you believe in and make that distinction. Because there are people, things & philosophies in this world, who are doing things in the name of god but never declare which god exactly. 

I learned that riding the fence can lead you down a hazardous road to false gods, demonic forces, witches, warlocks, psychic, mediums, divination crystal healers, sorcery, magic(k) and whatever else is out there. 

However, when you first encounter a lot of these "New Age Leaders" they speak a lot about healing, positivity, love, and light but behind closed doors, they are taping into deep demonic forces that they know nothing about, or maybe they do, hey I'm not here to judge. I just want to expose the truth of what has been revealed to me.

That's why I had to cancel everything and take time to reevaluate some of my belief systems; For instance, I fell into the trap of this new age "woke" movement and began studying and adapting some of their practices like the laws of attraction and the laws of the universe.

God revealed to me that these practices, even though may seem innocent and be helpful for some if you continue down the rabbit hole you can enter the gateway to darkness. 

​The latest trend of this generation is "opening your third-eye" and being "so woke."
But you have to wonder, 

"how come everyone is "so woke" but they can't see Jesus?"

"Why are they trying to introduce all of these other gods/goddesses and rituals but once you mention the God of Christ and the Holy Bible you become a "sleeping sheep" being "oppressed" by the white supremacist?  

I noticed as I was getting deeper into these new age "free spirit" practices, I was also losing connection to the Holy Spirit. 

I went through a spiritual warfare after getting "so woke" and questioning the position Jesus had in my life. I soon had a rude awakening when I fell under attack by the enemy and experienced some paranormal activity in which I talk more about in my new book "Woke" But I still Need Jesus..." that will be coming out soon.

I share this part of my life with you just to remind you that the enemy will entice you with "new philosophies of the world" that seem friendly and safe at first but once you dig deeper below the surface, you can find out the real source of its power. The moment you get further away from the truth of God and the Holy Bible, you will be exposed to the attacks of the enemy. 

There is a spiritual warfare going on, and I just want to warn you while you are in a state of vulnerability and weakness don't let the things of the world entice you into trying new things. Such as the law of attraction, psychics, witches, crystal healers, mediums, divination tarot readers, and what every other type of sorcery and magic(k) in this world that is tapping into the power of the demonic forces in the name of trying to heal you. 

Tapping into those things can lure you away from the covering of Jesus Christ, who has already died on the cross for all of our sins and is protecting us with his blood. Jesus is just waiting for you to allow Him into your life. 

If you ever find your self-going through a storm or a weak moment in your life, I find it's always best to call on Jesus and draw closer to God and read the Holy Bible. As I continue my journey, I will no longer be speaking on things without the guidance and lead of my Holy Savior Jesus Christ.

I have been prompted to share my truth with you. With the rise of the New Age "Woke & Free Spirit" philosophies, in which the enemy is slowly trying to use as a means to remove the covering of Jesus over our lives, remember Jesus is the only way to receive protection, eternal life, and salvation.

So I just wanted to write this email to let you know that I am taking a stance. When I speak of God in my book, please know I am talking about Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit as well. From now on I will only be seeking spiritual nourishment from teachings grounded in Jesus Christ and confirmed by the word of God from the Holy Bible. I made a decision to no longer allow the ways of the world confuse me or sway me from my truth that Jesus is the only way for me.

Being able to overcome my heartbreak & setbacks have only been by the grace of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit guiding my way and ordering my footsteps. This is my testimony, and I thank you for letting me share my journey with you. 

Nancy B.

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